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Tova Matatyaou

Tova “Seiko 晴湖” Matatyaou began taking Wafu Ikebana classes in 1982 with Mrs. Fusako Seiga Hoyrup. She has devoted the last 28 years studying this art under the guidance of her distinguished teacher.

Tova moved to the Bay area from Israel with her family in 1977. The love of nature and flowers brought Tova to start her ikebana studies. Wafu School emphasizes natural beauty and the harmony between the flowers, the vase and the environment; that's what captured Tova's love to the Wafu Ikebana.

Tova received her teaching certificate in 1988, and has been teaching Wafu Ikebana since then. Today Tova holds the school’s highest rank of Shukan, and currently is teaching all levels at the Fremont Union High School District — adult & community education division.

In May 2010 Tova was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for her commitment to public education from the California Legislature Assembly.

Tova is a member of the Ikebana international, San Francisco and Monterey Chapters. Tova also serves on the Board of Ikebana Teachers Federation.

Through the years Tova exhibited and demonstrated in numerous Ikebana shows and brought her art to many community events.