Wafu Ikebana Society

The nonprofit Wafu Ikebana Society is the official name of the California chapter of the Wafu School of Ikebana. The Wafu School of Ikebana has chapters throughout Japan and in many major countries, including the United States. Today, one of the school’s most active chapters is in California.

The Wafu School of Ikebana - from Japan to California

In 1971, a protégé of the second-generation headmaster, Fusako Seiga Hoyrup, established the California chapter of the Wafu School of Ikebana. Under her enthusiastic and tireless leadership, the chapter today has more than 200 members and several active instructors bringing the exquisite beauty of Wafu ikebana to the San Francisco Bay Area.

The society’s multicultural membership, reflecting California’s diverse populace, is bound together by a common interest in and appreciation for the art of ikebana. Chapter activities include instructional courses, demonstrations and the chapter's popular biennial flower shows in Silicon Valley, which attract thousands of visitors. Chapter members also participate in the activities of Ikebana International's Bay Area Chapter and the Ikebana Teacher’s Federation to help promote appreciation of ikebana and to bridge cultures of the world.